What We Believe


At Restoration Agape, we believe in Edification, building up and restoring one another, with love (sacrifice). Our mission is to help restore others through the Word, teach others how to disciple one another, and then sending those people to continue to do the same.



We are passionately evangelizing in your community! Our church administrators spread the word of God by knocking on the doors of your city and speaking to you about how to obtain the full joy and peace that Jesus has in store for you. At our ministry, we call this action sowing because when someone plants the seed of faith, life, and truth of Jesus to you, an awakening in your life occurs. If you have received a flyer at your door, take a moment right now, and take a chance on the first step to a future with the Lord.

Edification Groups

An Edification Group is a bible study program created just for you and your relationship with the Lord! Enjoy these amazing Bible studies in the comfort of your own home. The focus to become closer and stronger through the word is exciting! We take you step by step how to unlock the treasure of faith and how to use this tool for a life changing experience. Contact our Edification Group Director to open your home for a Bible study. You choose the day and time and we would love to come share with you the Word of God.

Are You In Need of Prayer?

We believe in the power of prayer and are always available to pray for you, whatever you’re going through.

Restoration Camps

Come join our life changing restoration camps! These 2 days/1 night camps are structured to establish a renewed relationship with the Lord. It’s one of those special times in your life to decide for a leap towards a new beginning.

Edification Steps

When we say “edify” we mean to “build up.” It is the reason why these classes are created to build up your faith after you attend the Restoration Camp. This  five month course helps you understand what you’ve experienced in the camp and what Jesus can do for your family,  workplace, and in other areas of your life. These Edification Steps are meant to build your understanding of life, marriage, stress, depression, loneliness, or any other situation, including finding your purpose.

Children's Department

At Restoration Agape, we have the pleasure of teaching your children who Jesus is, how the Word applies in their daily lives, and what it means to be a believer as a young child. We teach them the life that Jesus lived, the miracles He did, the words He spoke and how imitating Him in this way leads to a full and prosperous future.

Restoration Agape